Advantages of a Professional Consultant

  • With a consultant, you have an unbiased professional assessment as to your potential, enabling you to set challenging, yet realistic goals;
  • You will realize much more because of your access to professional advice and techniques;
  • The consultant is onsite to monitor progress, encourage activity and make adjustments daily, where necessary;
  • A consultant gives you security, making you more confident in your ability to carry out successful actions and campaigns;
  • Lower net cost—both in terms of cost per dollar and in terms of per hour of volunteer activity. With counsel involved, you get the most efficient and effective use of scarce volunteer time;
  • An effective professional to accompany you on calls and a professional to teach people at every level of your organization (board, management and volunteers) how to make an effective decisions for your organization;
  • A consultant to help you design the most effective approaches and campaign materials and to negotiate reasonable and cost-effective prices;
  • Someone to prepare your plan and budget the amount required to run an initiative and campaign based upon many similar experiences;
  • An outside consultant is an unbiased third party whose sole responsibility is to help you. That singular focus helps us move board members or donors who have been inflexible and unresponsive to the pleas of management and even other members of the board. We strengthen the position of management and board leaders by expressing our professional opinions about what a successful effort is going to require;
  • We prepare your proposals for you, ensuring their accuracy and integrity;
  • We are there to brief and debrief volunteers and solicitors who are about to/or just made a request for funds—we are there to stop problems before they become trends;
  • We know the guidelines and giving officers of many local corporations and foundations. We know where to go to get the most current prospect research information quickly and easily—often right online;
  • The consultant knows the hundreds of things that must be done in a successful campaign, and we know how to prioritize these actions to create the most enthusiasm and build the most momentum.
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