Ready to fund raise now through a special event?  A great event scheduled and the Governor shuts everything down, what do you do to keep your agency alive? There is panic in the air.  It depends on your area pandemic temperature are you in the hot zone?  Fundraising is tough enough even in the best and worst of times.

Special Event Fundraising is still possible during this pandemic. It depends on your community and how creative you can be using your resources.  This is a time for your nonprofit to grow to meet the challenge.  We are fundraisers yet we provide services via our mission to better the community. We must keep that paramount in our focus. We shine when we show our community what services we provide to upgrade the quality of life for our clients and all.

Ask yourself right now what your community does, listen, need, and how you can creatively provide service or programs to serve. Listeners don’t forget when you put off fundraising in order to serve their family.  The money will find you and usually more than you expected because of the goodwill that you built up with your community through this pandemic.

The real issue I believe is now is the time to be a source of hope for your community. Our survival is built on your creditability on serving people not on how much money you can raise. With that, all said I have made some comments on how to salvage your events.

Should we Cancel or Postpone an Event?

The decision to cancel or postpone should be discussed carefully with staff and volunteers. Contract costs may be negotiated especially if you plan to postpone rather than entirely cancel the event. if possible, on any food that you have, you may consider donating to those in need, food ordered but not paid for may be canceled.

Either canceling or postponing the event as soon as possible communicate with all vendors, volunteers, and attendees about any decisions to entirely cancel or postpone the event. If money has been collected offer the option for the attendees to donate or receive a refund.

How to retain Retaining Your Sponsors

Thank you and communicate with your sponsors and ask them to continue as sponsors, offer them immediate opportunities to re-direct their sponsorship depending on your needs whether you are canceling or postponing the event.


You might consider partnering with another brother or sister agency with an event. Obviously, many things must work out between you and the other agency, including timing use each other strengths to maximize results. One might have a strong virtual system already set up and the other agency event is almost ready to launch.

Going Virtual

Turn your in-person celebration into a virtual event. The benefit is that you might be able to hit a bigger audience. The downside is that you may not see the same return as you had hoped for without the excitement of being the life in the room. But going virtual still allows you to fundraise! Here are some virtual options for you to consider.

Online Auction

Host an online auction instead. If your procurement is done, upgrade to mobile bidding in your Greater Giving account. A promotional discount is being offered at this time and allows you to turn your event into an online campaign.

Virtual Event

You don’t have to stop with an online auction. You can hold a virtual event that allows people to log in, watch, and participate. A virtual event will allow you to share your program, fulfill your sponsorship benefits, and raise money during the broadcast by doing an appeal. I recommend tying your online auction into the virtual event but announcing the closing during the event.

Decision Making

Your primary recommendation when deciding if you are going to have an event is to follow your health department guidelines which can be found by Googling: The name of your state + health authority + COVID.


You can raise dollars through these challenging times, by reaching out to your friends, your donors to make a special event a success. By working together, communicating, and being creative your agency can serve your community and keep the dollars flowing to provide the funds to continue that service. WCA can assist you in keeping that flow going. Contact us at


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